DE NFL FLAG RULES: (Abbreviated rules for July)

  • Start from the 5 yard line

  • The ball must be snapped from the center.

  • You must hand the ball off in the backfield; no pitches or throws behind the line of scrimmage.

  • 3 downs to get over half field/3 downs to score once over half field (if you don’t score it goes to the other 5 yard line)

  • Extra points – 1 point - 5 yard line (you have to pass) - 2 points – 10 yard line  (you can pass or run)

  • No blocking or extending your arms on another player at anytime, no flag guarding, QB can’t run unless the ball is handed off, at the snap the ball can’t touch the ground, if the ball ever touches the ground it’s a loss of down.

  • Interceptions are live until the flag is pulled. The ball starts where the flag was pulled.

  • QB has 7 seconds to throw the ball



Flag guarding - (meaning you can not stiff arm, or block the hand of the opponent to grab the flag) The whistle is to blow at the spot of the flag guard and move to the next down.

No Blocking - You can not jam at the line, you can not extend your arms towards any player, you can not block down field.

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