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NFL Flag Policies and Rule FAQ’s:


  1. The ball must always be a direct hand-off behind the line of scrimmage except for on the snap. The ball must always be thrown above the line of scrimmage.

  2. Interceptions are taken where/when the player is downed.

  3. Defensive coaches must be off the field when the ball is snapped.

  4. The commissioner is always a guide for refs and coaches. If a call needs to be questioned, please flag down the commissioner for a review.

  5. 24-hour rule - if there is a problem with parents, coaches, refs, etc please wait 24 hours to discuss the issue.

  6. If blitzed in the no-run zone the QB can still run the ball.


  8. The defense must be 1 yard off the ball.

  9. Jump Rule - You are not allowed to jump over someone or dive. You are allowed to jump cut.

  10. When we have 10 kids per team it is 5v5

  11. When we have 12 kids per team it is 6v6

  12. When we have 14 kids per team is is 7v7

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